Kyle at the Lumber YardKyle Thormodsgaard grew up under the tutelage of his grandfather, Dale, learning about woodworking, building, construction, and a good work ethic. One of his favorite memories is building a wooden box with his grandfather in 4th grade that he still uses in his wood shop today. His experiences continued to be shaped as he saw most of his family having great success in their own property ventures. Kyle’s family’s history is rooted in hard work – from their ancestral family farm in Norway to farming in North Dakota to real estate and property management all across the United States.

After graduating from UCSC, Kyle sought to follow a natural path and start a career in real estate. Right after graduation, he got his real estate license. While working as a real estate assistant, he began managing construction projects as well – working on anything from a simple bathroom remodel to large additions. Soon, he realized he had a passion for the physical improvement and repositioning of properties and looked to marry the two worlds of real estate and construction.

Tess-Sadie-KyleKyle started working for a local Real Estate Investor and was able to very quickly accumulate a significant amount of experience buying, selling, improving, and managing properties. At this job, Kyle lead and managed and the buying, repositioning, and selling on hundreds of flips. Also, as soon as he was eligible, he got his General Contractor’s license. But after five years at this job, Kyle decided to start his own business: Skrindo Properties. He followed in his previous employers’ path purchasing long-term opportunities as well as working on short term “flips.” Now with over a decade of experience in the business, a General Contractor’s license, and a Real Estate license, he has become a complete property solution for home owners, potential home buyers, and potential investors.

Outside of work, Kyle lives with his wonderful wife Tess in the Playa/Culver City area. Tess also studied in the Bay Area at UC Berkeley, majoring in Film and English. They both grew up in Long Beach, CA and share a number of mutual friends, a love of sports, and trying new foods. Kyle takes his assistant/pet dog, Sadie, with him everywhere, including job sites (when appropriate). Tess also fancies herself a bit of a tea enthusiast and as soon as she finishes her final course will travel to Canada for her final exam to become a tea somolier. Kyle spends a lot of his spare time in his wood shop and always has a little (or not so little) project going around the house. When they aren’t working, you might find them trying new restaurants, taking their dog for a hike, or out on an excursion, exploring the world!